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Structural Equation Modeling in Longitudinal Research

This course is designed to highlight recent methodological advances in the analysis of longitudinal psychological data using structural equation modeling (SEM). The training is intended for faculty, postdocs and advanced graduate students who are familiar with SEM (e.g., took an introductory SEM course). The workshop covers a range of topics, including growth models, factorial invariance, dealing with incomplete data, growth mixture models, ordinal outcomes, and latent change score models.

Analysis of Intensive Longitudinal Data: Experience Sampling and Ecological Momentary Assessment

This course highlights the range of approaches used in the analysis of data from experience sampling, ecological momentary assessment, daily diary, and other intensive longitudinal paradigms. The training is intended for faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and advanced graduate students in the behavioral and social sciences who are already familiar with these kinds of data and with basic multilevel modeling (e.g., at the level of a graduate-level introductory course). 

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