Sarfaraz Serang, PhD

Assistant Professor, Quantitative Psychology
Institution: Utah State University

Sarfaraz Serang, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Utah State University where he teaches basic and advanced courses in statistics including Structural Equation Modeling. He received his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Southern California, where he worked with Jack McArdle and Rand Wilcox. He has been an instructor at the APA workshops since 2011.

Sarfaraz graduated from the University of California, Davis, in 2012 with a double major in Statistics and Psychology. He then went to the University of Southern California where he studied quantitative methods in the department of psychology. His research interests include methods for understanding change over time, methods for data mining in the behavioral sciences, and the combination of the two. He has done work on the use of both mixture modeling and recursive partitioning to identify underlying groups in nonlinear change trajectories. He has also worked on exploratory mediation analysis via regularization, as well as model fit in longitudinal structural equation models fit to small samples.