Libby Benson, MS

Doctoral Candidate, Quantitative Psychology
Institution: Pennsylvania State University

Lizbeth Benson, M.S., is a doctoral candidate at the Pennsylvania State University, a University Graduate Fellow, and founder of the We R: R Users Group @ Penn State. Prior to joining the quantitative methods group at PSUs Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Libby obtained a B.A. in Psychology from University of Wisconsin, and worked as a research coordinator at the University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center.

Libby is developing a variety of analytic techniques that further understanding of how individuals structure their experiences to optimize health, regulate their emotions and behavior, and respond to changes in context. In particular, she is working on how intraindividual variability metrics, multilevel models, data mining methods, and time-series models can be applied to real time psychological and physical health data captured in situ by electronic devices. Libby is instrumental in the group’s interdisciplinary explorations into how innovative data visualizations facilitate generation of new ideas, analytical precision, and scientific communication. Libby’s recent publications can be found in Structural Equation Modeling, Developmental Psychology, Emotion, and Journals of Gerontology, Psychological Assessment, and Journal of Positive Psychology.