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Training the next-generation of behavioral scientists.

About Longitudinal Research Institute

Starting in 2000, Jack McArdle and John R. Nesselroade and their students in the quantitative psychology group at the University of Virginia began offering summer workshops on analysis of longitudinal data analysis. Joined by other leaders in the field, the Longitudinal Research Institute instructors propelled forward and shared the latest thinking and practice on how to conceptualize, obtain, and analyze many different kinds of longitudinal data. Workshops delivered through multiple organizations, including the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Advanced Training Institutes program wherein the APA Science Directorate selects 35+ scholars for participation an intensive week of lecture and hands-on data analysis, have trained a few thousand scholars how to discover new things in their data. Now led by a second-generation of instructors, Longitudinal Research Institute 2.0 offers online and in-person training in a growing array of advanced data analysis methods.

About the Team

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Nilam Ram, PhD

The Pennsylvania State University

Kevin J. Grimm, PhD

Arizona State University

Craig Enders, PhD

The University of California, Los Angeles

J.P. Laurenceau, PhD

University of Delaware

Niall Bolger, PhD

Columbia University

Ross Jacobucci, PhD

University of Notre Dame

Sarfaraz Serang, PhD

Utah State University

Emily Soriano, MA

University of Delaware

Libby Benson, MS

Pennsylvania State University

Xiao Yang, MS

Pennsylvania State University

Katherine Zee, MPhil

Columbia University

Nelson Roque, PhD

University of Central Florida

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